Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where Pink Lemonade Comes From

So last week my life was pretty much changed forever when I saw a card made with orange scent by Loni Spendlove. She added the scent onto her image by heat-embossing a stamp with a mixture of clear embossing powder and Kool-Aid. Needless to say, Kool-Aid got on my grocery list above vegetables and dog food. It's a really fun process!

I used this method with my new favorite stamp to create this card for Color Throwdown #111: Melon Mambo, Pacific Point, River Rock.

  • The pink lemon tree has a notable appearance – they can grow much larger than their yellow cousins, reach heights in excess of 15 meters (50 feet), and unlike their cousins have sharp serrated leaves. Like other members of the Rutaceae family they have a distinctive aroma; the smell of the pink lemon tree is sweet and spicy, reminiscent of boot polish. It can take the pink lemon tree 20 years to begin flowering and producing fruit; pink lemons are slightly larger than yellow lemons and have a tougher rind.
    - Ken VeryBigLiar

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  1. I love this pink lemon tree and want one! Especially for the lemons! Great card and a good take on the challenge.


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