Monday, November 1, 2010

This week's leftovers

When my mom was growing up, Sunday night was leftover night and Monday was Stew night, the stew consisting of whatever was still in the refrigerator. As the story goes, Mom and her dad learned early on to eat anything they didn't want in their stew the next night. Grandma would just throw it all in: pickles, curry, salad, whatever. With a dash of Worcester. I'm much like her, in that I hate to waste anything. But I remember this story as a warning: there's a fine line between thrift and trash.

I thought of all this as I embarked on Tuesday Trio Sketch Challenge #40, which has the bonus challenge of using mostly scraps. How could I make something new and impressive with the old and used? The sketch is beautiful and challenging...I decided to take it literally. I really like the result: a lovely mish-mash of this week's projects, turned into something new. The only thing that isn't a "scrap" is the sentiment. The stamped image is an imperfect version I did for a book, and even the vellum of the card itself is a scrap from that project.
Update, 11/30/10: This card made the top three for Tuesday Trio Sketch Challenge #40.


polkacabana said...

OOOH this one is AWESOME!!! I love it! Great job using those scraps!

שלוש בשלישי Tuesday Trio said...

That is a gorgeous card! Isn't it fun to play with scraps and get such lovely results?

Thanks for playing along this week.

Dailly - TT

מיכל שובל said...

very nice card - I like that it is full of colors


Chen R. said...

Such a beautiful card!! I love the colors and the stamped back of the card.

Maya said...

Beautiful card! Great job with those scraps!