Friday, May 6, 2011

A Very Special Anniversary

Today is my parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary. Which is awesome. Hey, just living 40 years ain't easy, and sharing your life with someone for any significant amount of time isn't easy either. They are both wonderful, strong individuals, and I'm really lucky to have them together as a great pair of parents.

Some people might have a party or something, but my folks are traveling, something they've always done together. I won't get to talk to them today, so I figured I could at least share my thoughts & the card I made.

I needed a tulip-and-top-hat image, so I asked the CDAC artists and got my hands on two great images. Thanks Shelly's Images and Pattie's Creations!

My folks were married in a hotel in Holland on a Friday night, which was a more expensive night because the Justice of the Peace wore his big top hat. By more expensive, I mean like $10, but it was a true sign of Dad's devotion and has been a story told throughout my life. The other part is that Mom ordered Red Tulips, as it's her favorite color. However, it seems that red tulips are traditional at funerals in Holland and yellow ones are traditional for weddings, so the florist sent her yellow tulips. And that's why the top-hat-and-red-tulips theme.

Yes, there are 40 hats! I printed and embossed them on vellum, and colored them on the back.


  1. Congrats to your parents on this great and memorable occasion. They have done well in this world of today where people don't last five minutes together... that is something to learn from the older generation for sure beside so many other things.

    Okay, enough waffling there... your card is AWESOME! Your mum and dad will love it. Thanks for sharing it.40 hats is not a joke to emboss and colour. And I like the way you shared all the sentimental details.

    xxx Monica

  2. realled nailed it with this one! I would have been AMAZED to get such a lovingly handcrafted card as this...too lovely!
    Congrats to your parents on their 40th...we are comin' up 42 next month...but I was a child bride...honestly!


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