Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My First Design Team Project

Last week I stumbled upon Therese Travis's blog while looking for a SCAL file for a 3D rose. She generously shared hers with me, and I started following her blog. When she put out a call for a Design Team, I thought, Why not try? My goal is to design a new card every week, and having assignments seemed like a great way to keep my creative juices pulpy.

Therese invited me to join, and boy! am I in good company. Check out the links to their blogs in my right-hand navigation. Therese sent us some of her wonderful designs to play around with. I chose her set of four turtles: sun, moon, star, and heart.

Not sure where I was going with the turtles, I imported the images into Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) and cut out a whole bunch. I used layers to separate the portions I wanted the actually cut out and those I wanted to keep as lines. I used Cricut markers to "cut" the marker lines and then put the blade back in and cut out the turtles and their central shape.

I literally ended up with a pile of turtles. I looked at them, and they stared blankly and sweetly back at me, and I realized I wanted to make a "wheel" card. I simultaneously decided that I wanted to make an easel card, which I had never done before. A couple days later, another member of the design team posted a beautiful Father's Day easel card — must have been in the air! They are really fun, and a great way to present a card.

I was in the mood to color, so I added detail with a gold marker. For my first card, I made a "beach" with river rocks I made from polymer clay, inspired by a friend's new fireplace design. For the second version (right) I used glitter glue to color the wheel; it's very shiny and impressive, but geez it took 12 hours to dry! I actually happen to know Baltimore's Glitter Goddess, so I'm thinking of sending this to her.

Thank you, Therese, Natacha and Jeannie for inspiring me! Go team!


  1. Your cards are great!!! I had so many ideas for the turtles that i had to go to something else before my head popped off!!! lol Can't wait to see what is next.

  2. Christina, these a GREAT. Thanks so much for being on my DT!

  3. AnonymousJune 27, 2010

    Amazing work. I think we should call you the CARD MASTER ENGINEER!!


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