Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Design Team challenge to YOU: decorate a Frypod!

Therese Travis and the rest of our design team are conducting a contest through July 11: create a unique "frypod" with images from PaperFacesDesign. This sounds like a project for the whole family...plus, one lucky winner will get FREE STUFF. Here's the official rule page.

You'll need to purchase a design from Therese, but they're super-cheap and super-great quality. Remember the mosaic turtle card I made last week? That was all done with Therese's files. The Frypod .svg file is free from Therese. You can find a printable version of a "fry box" here, but since we're copying the King and not the Clown, you'll want to omit the side folds. Oh, you could go old-school and use an actual Frypod.

When Therese first announced the challenge, I immediately had to try it for myself. Long story short, I used Therese's awesome Steampunk Fairies design and the sudden creative burst of my brilliant husband to create what I assume is the world's first Steampunk Frypod.

I made this Saturday afternoon. As of Saturday morning, I didn't know what steampunk was, but that's one of the many benefits of being married to J: he knows. Oh, he knows. And he can direct you to three hard-core fan sites on the subject (whatever it is). At first, I was worried that I didn't understand the underlying philosophy, but I finally understood that steampunk is mostly just a celebration of technology and craft: What would modern technology look like with the pre-plastic aesthetic of the Victorian Era?

J helped with the overall design concept; the gold wire was his suggestion. I think it came out pretty rockin', and I think I'll make a larger one to hold my metallic gel pens. What would a steampunk eat from her frypod? I get the feeling that the Victorian version of French Fries would be Fuzzy Potato Sticks. Anyway, the "frypod" is a tried-and-true street food technology: Historically speaking, chances are that the first "potato holder" was invented by an enterprising Peruvian grandmother when Queen Victoria was just a gleam in a Saxon's eye.

So, where will Therese's Frypod take you? Enter now! NOW!


  1. You did a GREAT job on this!!! What kind of paper is that??

  2. Thanks Jeannie! The paper is Recollections metallic silver. I'm in love with this paper: it's shiny on one side and flat on the other, and cuts like a dream. I get it at Michael's craft stores; it's often on sale.

  3. Wow this looks like a work of art!


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