Friday, February 25, 2011

Hipster McMillan's Magic Guide to Language

This fortnight's challenge at Aud Sentiments is especially fun: we're challenged to use "trendy sayings." To say that I went slightly overboard with this challenge would be to say that the movie Overboard was slightly ill-conceived. I love slang, but have always been more of a linguist than a hipster, so I reached out to my FaceBook friends for ideas:
  • "I heard this dude say, 'it's trill!' because something was cool. Unsurprisingly he didn't know what the word trill actually meant."
  • "My teenagers are always saying now, No Big Deal. It is often said just with the letters NBD. Another is SERIOUSLY? How 'bout 'are you freelin me?' Mash of for real. And a lot of people are saying FO SHO now for for sure! NOT me, but lots of other people."
  • "This is getting old but: sweet and bad are both good."
  • "In my college years we used to say, Yak! when we meant chill out and be cool as not to draw attention. I think the term was cooked up because Platoon was on in the smoking floor TV lounge and the scene when everything is getting blown to shit and the yaks are just eating grass all nonchalantly seemed quite descriptive at the time."
Between these suggestions and some of my personal favorites, my head was swimming with too many ideas and I simply couldn't choose, so decided to throw caution out the window of the skull and make a Fortune-telling Cootie-Catcher, like we did in Junior High. Of course, I now have the PhotoShop-ready Cootie-Catcher template by Creations by Julie instead of an old sheet of math homework to work with, so it's a true homage to hipness. Every subsequent decision was made with respect to hipness: Gotham typeface, Tim Holtz classic-product-packaging paper, bright-colored-camouflage clip, "Rock On" sentiment stamp, fuzzy yarn, stamped stitching. And if anybody's thinking, Gee she's down on Hipsters! please keep in mind that all of these items were readily available in my home. The most passionate name-calling happens in front of the mirror!
Aud Sentiments Challenge #22: Trendy Sayings

Cootie Catcher template by Creations by Julie for Gingerscraps

Supplies: Tim Holtz Idea-ology Seasonal Paper Stash, Fiskars papercutter and deckle scissors, ZipDry glue, Tim Holtz distress ink, StazOn ink, sentiment stamp by gstudio, stitch stamp by the Paper Studio, HP printer & ink, Adobe PhotoShop, Gotham typeface, "Shape the Oval Office" emery board, Lion "fun fur" yarn, mini-clip from Oriental Trading Co.

I love the idea that you could throw this in your European Shoulder Bag or clip it on your Hello Kitty key chain and pull it out when necessary at your local art-space coffee-bar. For more Hipster silliness, may I recommend:
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  1. What a great job! You find the most FAR OUT, GROOVY, TRILL, BAD, NIFTY NOODLE, TOTALLY RAD, NBD, challenges! You rocked it, GIRL! (I did not just call you girl, really!) ROCK ON CG!!!

  2. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for joining us at Aud Sentiments.


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