Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crafteezee Giveaway plus Stampin' Dymonz Domino Swap

Crafteezee Giveaway
Hi All, I wasn't going to do a post today (well, at least not until I finish gluing some stuff!), but I couldn't resist posting about the cool giveaway from Crafteezee. She designs specialty envelopes for crafters, and is giving away a pack of 25 of her new 6.75x6.75 envelope boxes. So hop over there and sign up before March 7th.

And be sure to glance over at my left sidebar for a few other candies.

I also thought I'd take this opportunity to finally post my photos from the Stampin' Dymonz Domino Swap.

Here is the beautiful collection I ended up with:

I just love them!!! That's mine on the far left. Here's a photo of the dominoes that I made for the group:

My mom works at the rummage sale at her church, so she sent me an old box of dominoes she found there for a quarter... they're really cool and old. They're "Whitman" brand and have that carved so beautifully on one side that I couldn't resist making a mini book with a Whitman poem! I got the book-flap idea from Calamity Kim. I printed the mini-books and then stamped/embossed "green grass" on them:

If any of my sweet readers would like to make one of these, but you don't want to tackle the design part, just email me the text you want and I'll put it together for you and send you a PDF. My little gift to you!


  1. How clever and creative is that...

    Monica xxx

  2. I love the little domino books you made - I will have to CASE this idea.


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