Sunday, July 5, 2009

good-night, sweet rennet cheese #1

At this point in today I had planned to post photos of the progress of our very first rennet cheese (which was to become feta), but unfortunately we lost it to the ages. Several things conspired in the abandonment of this first experiment:
  1. I halved the recipe. Never a good idea for these sorts of things, but I do it every freakin time.
  2. The splitting of the rennet tablet into fourths was not exactly mathematical.
  3. Some of the milk I used had pretty much embraced yogurt-dom before it sat overnight.
But we won't give up! Let me tell you, however, that the taste of the sour cheese is not one I will forget. Ick.

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  1. A couple of days after I posted this, I got a newsletter from Real Simple Magazine that told me about how to tell if dairy products had expired:
    I guess the lesson here is: if you have to shake store-bought milk to get it back to liquid, just give it back to the earth from whence it came.


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