Thursday, July 9, 2009

Old Salt, without the faded tattoos

It's day two of RC2-Feta, which has been soaking politely in the fridge for two days, so plans for dinner include a nice salad with feta! Before I rinsed it, J tried it out. I like the thyme, he said. It's a little softer than I expect feta to be.
So I wasn't worried. This stuff was been overly wet this entire time (partly due to the use of 2% milk, I've theorized), and it was only going to get wetter. I rinsed the cheese maybe 5 times before I tried it for myself.
Oh. My. Have you ever opened your mouth while swimming in the ocean? That taste dissipated long before this one will. Seriously, I've tasted olive brine less salty than this cheese. I had the feeling that J's eyes were saying more than his mouth, but I hadn't realized that was I just spontaneously dehydrated.
I can't remember when I laughed so hard. I just stood over it, watching the cheese blobs bob in the strainer, and laughed and laughed. I'm a little disappointed, but I still made cheese and that makes me happy. Feta-1 is soaking in plain water in the fridge, but I'm thinking we'll just move on. I'm thinking mozzarella next.

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