Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rennet tablet shout-out

Junket rennet tabletsSo I knew this cheese-making thing would be worth it once I saw the box the rennet tablets come in. It's so adorable you can't stand it. Really classic.
Apparently, Junket rennet tablets have been around forever and has its own little advertising legacy.
There's a very comprehensive recipe booklet included (great example of one-color printing, too!) with regular-guy instructions by one Dr. David Fankhauser. Being a doctor, he realizes that if I'm making my own cheese in 2009 then I probably can't afford a fancy cheese-press and so suggested a tin-can version. Wait till you see what we've decided to use! Best yet, most of the recipes don't require a 6-month resting period. So we're starting with feta, which only takes four days.
My only complaint is that all the recipes require half a tablet. Why not just make the tablets smaller? Or is there a camera in the box so that the Junket people can laugh at my sending half a tablet across the kitchen counter under my knife? I bet it was pretty funny, though.

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