Monday, July 6, 2009

Is it live or is it Memorex?

Memorex cheese pressThe second night of rennet cheese #2's life will be spent in a cheese press. The good doctor recommended a tin can, but as I was rummaging through the pantry for a big enough can, J suggested the little heart-shaped bunt pans we bought for Valentine's Day some years ago. Perfect! They come with a built-in top to press down on.
However, once I got to the point of actually putting the curds into the mold I knew I had too much unwieldy stuff to fit easily into the little pan. So I looked around again for something larger...
See, you need a medium-sized, smooth-sided, open-ended container to serve as the press. You put something on the top to press it down. And then I found it: The top of an old blank-CD carousel. You know the ones. I cut off the plastic top (it was made of pretty sturdy plastic let me tell you) and voila! I bet it's one of the more interesting stories of CD packaging.
And then I found that I didn't have as much loose change as I thought...which was what I'd planned to use as the weight. The heaviest object I could find was the brass camphor holder we got in Bangalore. As always, Ganesh comes to the rescue!

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