Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wing books 1 and 2

Some months ago I tired of using my own writing for mini-books, so I put a call for work out on FaceBook. I have a lot of creative-writing friends on there, so I was very pleasantly surprised to receive many poems from friends I didn't even know were writers! I'm always hearing people say I wish I were more creative, but in my experience there's no shortage of creativity in this world: and it's always life-affirming and just plain fantastic. One of the first people to contact me was my former co-worker at the University of Baltimore, Kapricia. We'd talked poetry in the past, but I had know idea how many words she had in her! She sent me two poems that I made into the first two books of what I hope will be a series (hint hint!): The Day I Fell in Love
It was a cold and rainy day,
she decided to come anyway.
I couldn’t hold back the pain
& tears, and Oh Yes! a lil fear.
I heard the doctor say
“Push, push, push my dear
I see her head,
she’s almost here,”
So I gave it a push
and heard her cry
what a relief I felt inside.
I held her in my arms,
looked in her eyes.
I couldn’t believe she was

Kapricia Williams ©2010
Wings to Fly
I have my own
cheering squad.
They clap as I fly high,
like a bird across the sky.
I’m soaring, flipping and doing tumbles
as I pass you by.
You see you had me cooped up
in what I thought
was love,
but I was wrong, so I
See the claps are not for me to return,
but for God’s grace and giving strength
to fly above all things.
Give Him a hand!

Kapricia Williams ©2010

Other books from my "FaceBook Friend" project:
the Shuttlecock!
Phenomenal Lady (also with a poem by Ms. Williams)


  1. This is just beautiful ... stunning
    Thanks for dropping into the Imaginarium blog too xxx

  2. Hi x Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog x I popped over here and had to become a follower this butterfly book is beautiful x and the poetry is a delight too x Leigh x

  3. You always amaze!!!I haven't forgotten our trade, I'm working on it :)

  4. So gorgeous, so unique!!!

  5. No way! This is sooo beautiful! Lovely, just lovely. how perfect for poetry book!

  6. Such a beautiful creation.Nice to have friends send in so many lovely poems too.
    Thank You for dropping by my blog earlier


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